Certificate of Authenticity

As a guarantee to the buyer, each of my instruments is registered numerically and photographically in my instrument archive.
I prepare a certificate of authenticity for every instrument I make, complete with the relative photographs, and this document is handed over to the buyer. Only a certificate of authenticity with the corresponding photographs of the instrument drawn up by an expert of contemporary violinmaking, and in particular Cremonese violinmaking, which explicitly declares its authenticity, can be substituted in place of the original.

I therefore request, in order to avoid the unwelcome possibility of buying a fake instrument, not purchasing violins, violas or cellos that bear labels with the name Corrado Belli which do not include a certificate of authenticity by myself – the maker – or by a certificate of authenticity, as described above, that substitutes for a missing original.
The importance of the original certificate of authenticity relative to the instrument and its safekeeping over time is evident.

Corrado Belli